WITH 1% YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD, We will seek in the first instance, the 100 richest people in Colombia and in every country in the world. They will be congratulated for being in this place, they will also be congratulated for having given work to hundreds or thousands of families, but they will also be asked if they have given back to the Society or nature, who were the ones who took them to this place? ...

It will use the power of social networks, videos and media, is minimal contribution to be in this group to donate 1% of their assets and 1% of their annual profits, for Social Entrepreneurship, which we consider is the spark, the force and the motor to generate positive changes in humanity, in sustainable growth. Our approach is not only to donate, but there is also a commitment from those who can contribute to build a better world.

Social entrepreneurship, equity and justice must respond to who deserves it, we want responsible and committed people in their environment.

MI LEGADO, MY LEGACY, There are many people who want to help an Institution or a cause, but they do not know how and there is no organization to be able to translate this dream.

When a person dies he has 100% of his assets that are divided into a) The legitimacy half (50%), which goes to his heirs; b.) Fourth of Improvements (25%) that goes to one or several of his Heirs and c.) A Fourth of Free disposal (25%) that goes to whoever wants the Causate, this is where He can express his desire and assign it to this noble end.

The Foundation will give free legal advice, stating it in his Will that will be accompanied by a video for the Heirs.


1.- From the EFW Foundation that this will be fulfilled

2.- Of the Causation's Family

3.- Audits with a global presence

This Foundation will be established in each country with its rules and will be named Entrepreneurs For The World Foundation, because in addition to being the ideologues and Founders we want there to be coherence.

It is not the same as the 100 richest in Qatar or Switzerland, the 100 richest in Zimbabwe (data from Google), the needs of each country is not the same, therefore with resources there will be a destination, for a more balanced world , more just more human.


I ALSO CONTRIBUTE..The activities of the Novoa Bernal Family such as the book, of the Around the World in Carro, the film, series or documentary, conferences and other activities, will allocate 50% of their profits to the Foundation.

We will support the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN with priority in objectives 2, 4, 6, 7, 11, 12, 17 and create another one as a Foundation “ EFFECTIVE AND ASSERTIVE COMMUNICATIONS